What is a "Pure" Oil?

A pure essential oil is one that does not contain added chemicals or additives of any kind, including vegetable oils. A pure essential oil has nothing added to it. However, a pure oil does not necessarily have a high therapeutic value. In fact, the therapeutic benefits of a pure oil can be very low. This can be somewhat astonishing when you first begin to understand aromatherapy. What you are looking for is a pure essential oil that has the highest therapeutic content. Only a GLC test and a proper reading can determine the therapeutic quality of an essential oil.

Our essential oils are pure essential oils released during the first distillation. After distillation, they are not chemically altered or changed by additives. Seema's believes products used on the body should be void of harmful chemicals. While many companies sell perfumed oils, or even oils that are commercial grade, the essential oils you receive from Seema will always be of the highest quality. You cannot find essential oils of a higher therapeutic content. Only a handful of companies in the world can make that claim.

What are "Folded" Oils?

The term folded refers to oils that have been redistilled several times to remove constituents, with the aim of changing the scent of the oil for use in the food and drug industry. However, therapeutic qualities are important, and folded oils are unsuitable for use in aromatherapy.We do not distribute oils that have been folded. We guarantee that our essential oils are single-specie, therapeutic-quality oils that have been distilled at proper temperatures and are 100-percent pure.

How Do Essential Oils Work?

The therapeutic potential of essential oils has yet to be fully understood. Ongoing scientific research is needed. We do know that essential oils can benefit systems of the body and affect each one differently. Essential oils work on the emotional level, the energetic level, and the physiological level. They are all interconnected. Essential oils affect the mind, body, and spirit, and provide a holistic approach to supporting the body.

Aromatherapy is much more than merely a reaction to an aroma or scent. Essential oils have three modes of action:
PSYCHOLOGICAL - imagine that you have gone back in time to your early childhood home. Close your eyes and picture walking through the door. Chances are, in addition to familiar objects, certain smells will also spark your memory -- your mother's perfume, the smell of baking cookies -- essential oils have a remarkable ability to influence your psyche by evoking moods and memories.
PHARMACOLOGICAL - Chemical changes take place as the body reacts to the application of essential oils. Doctors who study phytotherapy (the study of the whole plant) are trained to use herbs and essential oils internally to supplement the body's health systems. Essential oils have a remarkable ability to work in harmony with the body in maintaining overall good health.
PHYSIOLOGICAL - Essential oils applied externally take physiological action. The action is more subtle than oral applications and less likely to cause undesired effects. For example, Rosemary and Peppermint stimulate, while Roman Chamomile and Lavender sedate. Rosemary is a hypertensor (supports energy boosting), while Geranium is a hypotensor (assists in relaxation). This is one of the reasons essential oils should not be used internally without qualified medical advice. For people with abnormalities within their body systems, ingestion of an essential oil that has a direct action on the affected system could cause their conditions to worsen.

Are Other Companies Selling Adulterated Oils?

Yes. There is widespread adulteration.

What is Linalool?

Linalool is found naturally in many oils. It is the substance that creates the sweet smell. Some companies add natural or synthetic linalool to low-quality oils to create a sweet smell. We never do this. We maintain the integrity of the oils just as they are removed from the still. .

Are Your Essential Oil Bottles UV Protected?

Yes. Our bottles are soda/lime with quartz sand mixed in. This type of bottle, no matter what the color, even if the bottle is clear, provides excellent UV protection. Many people have been told that only amber-colored bottles are UV protected, or that they offer the highest level of UV protection. According to a major glass scientist, this information is incorrect. Seema essential oil bottles provide UV protection of 85 percent.

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