Will Essential Oils Stain My Clothing?

No. Vegetable oils and certain forms of carrier oils will stain clothing.

Are Essential Oils on the fringe of Complementary Medicine?

Really the opposite is true. Essential oils have been in existence since the very first plant, tree, fruit, and shrub existed. This makes them the oldest form of herbal therapy. Ancient cultures used these oils and resins in a wide variety of ways. While essential oils are relatively new to America, countries such as Russia, England, France, India, and the Ukraine do not consider aromatherapy or the use of essential oils for therapeutic purposes new, unusual, or fringe. They consider it essential.

How do I Know Where to Put the Oils and Which Carrier To Use?

There are no hard and fast rules of application, either with the amount of oil or the areas of the body. Some people prefer to mix the oils with Seema's Mixing Oil, while others choose Tangible massage lotion. If you want the oils to remain on the skin's surface longer, use the mixing oil. If you want a more direct application that is absorbed into the skin faster, then use Tangible massage lotion.

Can Essential Oils be Taken Internally?

We do not give instructions for internal consumption of essential oils or recommend that you use them internally.

In some European countries, medical doctors are trained to work with essential oils internally. The oils are obtained by prescription through a local pharmacy. In the United States, some essential oils are on the Food and Drug Administration GRAS list (generally recognized as safe to use). However, we cannot make health claims about essential oils..

Can I Use Essential Oils Every Day?

Yes. Many people cannot imagine a day going by without using essential oils in one way or another.

Do You Grow All of Your Own Crops?

No, and neither does anyone else. Our essential oils are grown all over the world. There are numerous factors that go into developing an oil for aromatherapy. The beginning is a healthy seed or plant in proper soil with ideal growing conditions. After the plant is grown, then proper cutting and distillation must take place. Ensuring all of these factors are in place requires constant supervision from an expert.

Are All of Your Essential Oils Organic?

Some are certified organic and some are not. There is no scientific evidence that oils grown organically have a higher therapeutic value than those that are not. Of course, when possible, we manufacture organic essential oils, but only if they are of the highest therapeutic profile. We guarantees that the oils are totally free from pesticides and any form of chemicals.

There are companies that claim to grow their own organic crops. When closely analyzed, the oils may not be certified organic, rarely are single species, and do not compare to the therapeutic, raw, single-species oils that we offers.

Other companies have tested our essential oils. In every instance, they have found these oils to be of unusually high quality. In a world filled with marketing schemes, we are proud to offer essential oils that set the standard for the industry

What Are Grade A Oils?

The term Grade A is a egg mark designation that applies to eggs, butter, cheese, and meat. It is not a grading system for essential oils in the United Stated.

In India, regulatory grading measures safeguard the quality of essential oils staying within that country. Other countries have similar regulations to protect consumers. Seema's essential oils meet or exceed all individual country guidelines

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