Seema International is the manufacturer exporter of Penguin Brand Natural Menthol Crystals (BP/USP), other Menthol Products and Essential Oils in Delhi – India. We are Pioneer, in the field of Menthol Crystals manufacturing and have established our Penguin Brand all over the world for its reliability & purity.

The PENGUIN brand name is recognised and respected  around the globe for quality, reliability and service. In fact, we have a history of excellence that dates back more than two decades.  

Mr. R.C.Jain
Till now we have exported our products to many countries, which consists of USA, France, Brazil, Panama, Trinidad & Tobago, Venezuela, Thailand, Malaysia, Kenya, Zimbabwe etc.

As mentioned, we are pioneer, in the field of Menthol Crystal manufacturing and have developed our own state of art technology for manufacturing Menthol Crystals. Our company develops the concept of whole plant and machinery and now the same is being followed by the Menthol Industry in India as well as outside India. This is really a matter of great pride for our organization keeping the fact in mind that India is the largest producer of Menthol Crystals and Mentha Oil which comprises of above 70% of the world production.

After the successful entry in the export market of Menthol Crystals last year, now we are ready to enter into the era of exporting the technical concept for manufacturing Menthol Crystals with complete plant and machinery and the required raw material i.e. Peppermint Oil (Crude Mentha oil) for the manufacturing of Menthol Crystals. Being well versed with the market position both domestic and international, we can also guide you, how to sell your products in you’re domestic as well as international market.

Our actions continue to be guided by principles that have served us well over the years -- a commitment to quality products, responsive service, and to a technology-driven business strategy that allows us to meet customer needs in a challenging global environment. During our manufacturing process, we use the highest quality materials available. Our product is subjected to a thorough quality control program. Each and every product is quality tested by stringent quality tests in our own laboratories to ensure international quality standards to our customers.

Seema International's outstanding performance, in a short span  since inception, throws light on many aspects of the company.
Quality Control
Broad guidelines observed in the quality control process are :  

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